The Best Calming Collar for Dogs: Do Pheromone Collars Really Work?

Everyone knows that stress is a leading cause of canine anxiety, so why not try and reduce your pup’s stress levels before it starts?

For many owners, this is easier said than done, which is why so many turn to anxiolytic or calming collars for dogs. These products are designed to help dogs who exhibit anxiety during certain situations or activities. But do Calming Collars for Dogs Work?

What is a Calming Collar for Dogs?

A calming collar for dogs is a type of pet accessory that is meant to reduce a dog’s anxiety and make them feel more at ease. These types of collars come in a wide variety of styles, so you can choose one that best matches the look and feel you want for your doggy.

The best dog calming collars feature a spray system that releases a pleasant scent when activated. This scent is meant to distract your dog from whatever is causing them stress, and could be a loud noise, an upcoming veterinary visit, or even a simple walk down the street.

The spray system is often located on the underside of the collar, so your dog will still feel the tension relief of the collar when they wear it. The Best Calming Collar for Dogs: Do Pheromone Collars Really Work?

How Does a Calming Collar for Dogs Work?

A calming collar uses scents and sounds to calm your dog. These pet accessories feature a collar that has a diffuser built in, which turns on and emits a scent when activated. There are a few different ways these collars can work, but the most common is through the use of pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals that are released by animals that influence one another’s behavior. Many species of animals, including dogs, are known to use pheromones to affect their social behavior and convey information to other animals.

While it isn’t fully understood how these collars work, it is believed that they emit pheromones that calm your dog, making them feel less anxious around you. How to Choose the Best Calming Collar for Your Dog

First and foremost, you’ll want to consider your dog’s personality when choosing the best calming collar for them. This will help you find the right collar for their individual needs.

Next, you’ll want to consider the type of calming collar you want to get for your dog. There are a few different types of calming collars, so it’s important to know the differences between them so you don’t get confused when looking for the best fit for your dog.

Some of the most common types of calming collars include: ultrasonic, aversive, and vibration. Vibration collars are often the least expensive, but can be a bit too harsh for some dogs.

A ultrasonic collar is the middle ground, releasing a high frequency sound that many owners say is more effective for reducing anxiety than a vibration collar, but isn’t quite as strong as an aversive collar. What to Look for in a Calming Collar for Dogs

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best calming collar for your dog.

First, you’ll want to make sure the collar you choose can be used on your dog’s breed. Many of the collars we carry can be used on almost any breed, but there are some that feature specific patterns and designs meant for certain types of dogs.

Next, you’ll want to make sure the collar you choose has the features your dog needs. This will vary based on your dog’s individual needs, so it’s important to look closely at each collar to see what features it has.

For example, some dogs need heavy-duty collars that can withstand being walked on and chewed on. Others might only need a small collar to fit their neck perfectly. It’s important to note that each collar was designed for a specific reason, so make sure you understand what your dog’s needs are so you can buy the right collar for them.

What to Look for in a Calming Collar for Dogs

Now that you know what a calming collar is, and what it can do, you should take a look at the different types of collars we sell to find the best one for your dog.

Size: The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to is your dog’s collar size. This is because it has a bearing on which calming collar you should buy, as some are meant to be used on smaller dogs and others on larger dogs. The best way to know if you have the right size is to measure your dog’s neck.

Next, you’ll want to make sure the collar can withstand being worn and chewed on. This is often indicated in the collar’s description, but you should also pay close attention to the materials used in the construction of the collar.

Heavier collars are usually more durable than their lighter counterparts, so it’s important to choose the best pheromone dog collar one for your dog based on their individual needs.

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