The Benefits Of Freeze Dried Dog Food

With many dog ​​parents becoming more concerned about what’s actually going into their puppy food and treats, we’re here to bring you 4-1-1 on Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food so you can better understand this better, healthier alternative.

Freeze-dried foods are a quick and easy option for pet owners who want to feed their dogs raw food but are concerned about finding, processing and preparing their own fresh raw meat.

Unlike fresh raw meat, some freeze-dried raw dog foods are also subjected to high pressure processing (HPP), a pasteurization process used to reduce bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli.

Because the freeze-drying process does not use high temperatures, freeze-dried dog food retains the original nutrients found in high-quality, natural ingredients in dog food. Freeze-dried dog food provides dogs with minimally processed nutrients, which is attracting pet owners who are looking for an alternative to regular feeding.

Due to the nature of the process of removing moisture, nutritious foods may be powdery or crumbly and turn into a paste upon rehydration, which some dogs may not like. The removal of moisture during the freeze-drying and dehydration process makes these dog foods safe to store without refrigeration.

Most freeze-dried and dehydrated dog foods are made from raw meat (technically, the meat used in dehydrated dog food is exposed to high temperatures, so it’s “cooked” during the manufacturing process).

Dehydrated foods are less processed and cooked at lower temperatures, so they lose less nutrients. While it is not yet clear whether the freeze-drying process itself makes foods healthier than regular dry food, most freeze-dried foods are made from the highest quality ingredients, rarely contain artificial additives, are easy to store for long periods of time, and dogs tend to love the taste. .

Closer to a diet than your dog might eat in nature, freeze-dried raw foods are not only more natural and satisfying for your dog, but they contain key nutrients without unwanted ingredients, making them gluten-free, grain-free, and innocent. (R) .

If you cannot afford to use this type of food on a regular basis, I highly recommend adding some freeze-dried raw food to your dog’s diet. Feeding raw food can be messy and time consuming if you have to gather all the ingredients yourself and try to balance your dog’s nutritional needs.

Just like feeding frozen raw food… choose food from high quality and carefully selected ingredients. Finding the best dog food for your pet can be a daunting task; however, with the help of your veterinarian, you can decide on the best nutritional option.

One of the best ways to determine if the ingredients in your dog food are using the best whole ingredients and the least processed to protect natural nutrients is to see if the brand is on the Truth About Pet Foods list.

When choosing a freeze-dried pet food, you should review the ingredient list and consider the same factors as when choosing a raw food for your dog. When choosing a freeze-dried product for your dog, make sure that the food you choose is complete and balanced for your dog’s life stage, and not a product designed to be used as a supplement unless you want to include it in your diet other food. your dog and try to balance it yourself.

Make sure the food has an AAFCO statement that it is suitable for your dog’s life stage. Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters can be added to your dog’s existing food without switching, but if you plan to switch your dog from regular food to Wellness CORE RawRev with freeze-dried meat, you should gradually add the Convert your dog to the Wellness CORE RawRev 5 day course to avoid digestive issues.

Extending the shelf life of food usually results in the addition of preservatives or additional ingredients, as we see in commercial dog foods and treats. Extreme cooking processes, such as those found in many crunchy processes, can destroy nutrients from food ingredients, leaving them without “full and balanced” requirements and additives.

If food is processed at high temperatures, as is typically the case in pellet production, the proteins found in beef proteins can degrade and become less digestible. Absolutely not – while freeze-dried raw dog food helps maintain a higher nutrient content than other forms of preparation, the ingredients that make up such foods can vary greatly.

While freeze-dried raw and dehydrated dog food often resembles typical dog food (some more like a bag of raw oatmeal), whole raw dog food requires packaging, just like raw meat you buy at the supermarket: they are essentially same. Previously only available to those who can afford to feed their dog fresh raw meat daily, the ketogenic dog diet is now available to everyone thanks to the benefits of freeze-dried keto dog food.

If you’re looking for food products that are clearly autoclaved in the pasteurization process described above, Primal uses this process for its raw poultry products, including freeze-dried grain-free and gluten-free granules, and it’s also balanced overall.

Unlike regular raw meat, “all commercially available [freeze-dried] formulas are complete and balanced across all life stages,” says Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Ruth Roberts, if you make sure they’re formulated to established standards. American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Freeze drying is a technique for preserving raw materials such as fresh meat to produce finished, safe, stable and lightweight dog food. Frozen foods can be stored without preservatives, additives or chemicals. Vital Essentials Frozen Dog Food is frozen using the flash (or flash) freezing method.

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