Ideas To Make Your Own Funny Dog Videos For YouTube

Viral content starring pets and their owners abounds on social networks. In fact, animal videos are among the most successful categories on sites like YouTube!

Of course, making good material with the help of your best friend won’t be easy, but here are 3 Ideas to make your own funny dog videos for YouTube and how to make your dog famous!

3 ideas of funny dog videos

1. Talking Dog Videos

Many pet owners would love and give anything to know what their furry friend is thinking, I’m sure it’s happened to you too. Videos from a dog’s perspective is totally fun and personal content.

Because your dog is unique with a very interesting life, and showing his world from his perspective will be something that many will want to watch.

Give your dog a voice!

Let your dog be the star of the channel, talking to your audience and telling them what’s great and not so great about living with you, what their favorite food is, what they like most about humans, why your expensive shoes are so delicious and more.

If you want your dog to talk on screen you must first train him, and with a voice command or clicker and rewards.

Once trained, tell him when to bark, this will give you the perfect shots with a voice that fits his personality and a good edit and you will have your new youtube star ready to share his day to day life.

Also if your dog is talkative by nature, you can make videos where you actually teach him words and he tries to imitate the sounds you are making, this will show how outgoing and intelligent he is and will gain a lot of sympathy from your subscribers for his obedience and charisma.

You can also interact with your audience by asking them what words they would like you to teach your dog, which will create a nice bond between you, your dog and your audience.

Use tools to help your dog communicate with you

In the market there are different tools that help improve communication with pets, such as keyboards or boards where each button corresponds to a word, as well as apps that react to the type of barking of your pet.

You can create a mini youtube series where you show the process of teaching him to use it, once used it will be fun to see how your dog presses buttons expecting to get things in return, like games or treats, and also how he refuses to take a bath through these buttons and signals.

2. Dog Narrative Story Videos

Make your dog narrate his adventures, for this you don’t need the training and tools mentioned above, you just need some nice shots that reflect your dog’s personality and a cheerful and relaxing voice over narrating his adventures just like the beginning of a movie.

In this kind of videos everything can be an adventure when it comes to a pet, such as an outing to the park, a trip to the beach, a new furry friend at home, an unwanted bath, etc.

You can also start training him and through voice over reveal thoughts about his training and what he “thinks of him”, or what he thinks of you, even have honest talks between you, the possibilities are endless!

Just follow your dog on his adventures and show his amazing personality.

3. Your Dog Favorite Word Video

Our dogs may not understand us perfectly but they are very good at associating words with their favorite activities.

Show what are your dog’s favorite words like “walk” “games” “treats”, by saying it randomly between neutral words, and words that he considers unpleasant you know like “vet” or “bath”.

And capture all his reactions to these words, this kind of videos will be great to show the different facets of your furry friend.

Make your dog famous!

If your dog has a particular characteristic or an amazing personality show it to the world! and share his story not only through funny dog videos but with other dog lovers around the world.

In The Dog Yearbook you can do it, it is a space where you can show your dog to the world, in print, online and on social networks, this will give much more publicity to your dog’s youtube channel and you will be able to reach more people.

Also, can you imagine your dog in a dog magazine, it’s a dream, it would be a celebrity!

Through this site your audience will have a biography of your dog, as well as stories, favorite activities, memes and more.

Just go to, register your dog with his best photo and he will appear in the company’s edition of The Dog Yearbook and the “That’s My Dog” calendar.

Plus during the year you will participate in the development of the print edition of the magazine and finally your dog will be the star of the next edition!

Remember your best friend.

There is also a section to honor the dogs who have passed away and left a void in our hearts, a commemorative list full of respect and love where you can share who was your faithful companion.

Tips for making funny dog videos

The videos defined attractive and funny and thematic are good to increase popularity and have more visits, but when it comes to dogs, spontaneous videos, which retract unexpected attitudes of our pets, can also be super viral.

Get to know your dog: know their behavior, their facial expressions, their movements, and when they make these gestures or postures. If you master these situations you will get a great video and easier to edit!

Define what video you will make: Before making the first scene, it is important that you want and know what your pet has to offer to the cameras. Remember that you will make a product like any other and you will have to be a creative manager.

Be natural: your dog should feel happy in the process, shoot as much footage as you can and play with shots and different angles.

Don’t force your dog: don’t make him do something against his will or expose him to dangerous or unpleasant situations, the right thing to do is to respect his dynamics and personality and avoid forcing him to do what we want him to do.

What motivates us to film our dogs is their natural grace. By logic, the right thing to do is to respect their dynamics and personality and avoid forcing them to do what we want them to do.

With these tips you are ready to make funny dog videos! and have a starting point to get new ideas, find the type of video that best suits your dog and start experimenting, the best part is that you will spend a lot of time interacting, playing and reinforcing the bond between the two of you. Ready, camera and action!

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