Best Automatic Ball Launcher & Thrower For Dogs

Fetch is a game every dog loves playing. And sometimes, when your dog starts playing, it becomes a never-ending game, and it can cause strain in your muscles.

Other than this, you could be sometimes busy and unable to play with your dog. Still, if you want your canine to play this game actively, then you should get him the dog ball launcher.

Some ball launcher for dogs is reviewed in the article below.

Ball launcher for dogs

Hyper pet ball launcher

Available on, this ball launcher for dogs is a toy you should get! Hands-free fetching with your pup is now possible with the Hyper Pet Launcher Dog Toy.

This toy launches ball up to 200 feet; it makes it easy to play with your puppy. This dog ball launcher is made from high-quality steel, which is rust-resistant. Dogs play differently with this toy; thus, it is essential to supervise your dog while playing.


  • Rust and chip resistant
  • Four balls & 1 ball designs
  • Easy storage and transport

I-fetch Too Automatic Ball Launcher

I fetch Too Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy lets you relax your arms. This interactive dog toy launches the ball for you! This dog ball thrower is designed specifically for medium and large dogs.

It is an awesome dog toy, especially when you are occupied or away from your dog. This dog ball launcher will ensure that your dog gets physical and mental exercise.

Plug the dog ball launcher in, then choose the distance and put the tennis balls in. You will have to drop in the tennis ball yourself in the first times, but your dog will learn how to put the ball back soon enough.


  • Three standard-sized tennis balls
  • Launches the ball 10, 25, or 40 feet
  • Streamlined plastic design

Hyper Pet k9 Dog Ball Launcher

The Hyper Pet K9 cannon ball launcher for dogs is a fun, interactive dog toy for hours of playtime in the backyard, park, or beach.

It has an innovative, lightweight design. It only takes a few simple pushes to pick up the ball with the barrel.

Two additional tennis balls can be stored inside each tennis ball launcher and one Hyper Pet Tennis ball. This dog ball thrower is available on amazon.


  • Quick trigger
  • Adjustable distance
  • Hands-free pick up

Franklin Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

The tennis ball launcher or dog ball thrower from Franklin Pet Supply is what you need! You can easily catch and toss the ball further and faster with this durable, high-performance, and flexible material.

Your dog will love chasing the ball and returning it after each throw. It will also help you bond with your canine while improving his daily activity level.

Now you can play fetch with your canine friend without straining your muscles. Available on Amazon, with this easy-to-use fetch dog toy from Franklin Pet Supply, you can throw the ball farther and faster than ever before! 


  • Durable and rugged
  • Prevent strain

It Includes the launcher and a squeaky tennis ball. 

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