16 Ideas to Make Your Own Cute Funny Dog Pictures

Are you excited to capture the unique shot with your dog?

Pet owners feel great pleasure to capture cute and funny moments with their loyal companions. Pet photography is challenging because you must understand your dog’s mood and behavior when clicking photos.

With practice and patience, you can capture striking pictures of your dog that you want. If you are a first-time dog owner and willing to capture your dog’s funny and captivating photos, this article contains helpful tips to capture the right shot.

1.    Choose your dog’s favorite treat:

When you have the irresistible delicious treat in your hand and the camera, you can take unique shots of your dog. These treats will compel your dog to pose for cute photographs. You can also have chew toys for your dog’s encouragement and dog treats.

2.    Familiarize your dog with the camera:

For the perfect shot of your dog, it is essential to familiarize him with a camera. Most dogs give you a tough time whenever you take their photos. Once your canine is comfortable with the camera and sound of the click, you can capture the most adorable pictures of your dog. You can also reward him with a treat after the pictures are done.

3.    Take pictures at your dog’s level:

Dogs are not prepared to look up and face the camera. So, the good idea is to capture the photos at their level. The camera’s height should be according to the elevation of your dog’s face. Dogs that are habitual of camera clicks will not create trouble for you when you take their photos.

4.    Consider the sleeping position:

The sleeping position will be the most hilarious to be captured. Most dogs are seen sleeping in a strange and funny position that will give you the right shot to catch. According to dog owners, dogs have funny and unique expressions while sleeping. It will provide you with a golden chance to capture these moments. You can put on glasses to make photos look funnier, in this way you can make your own dog pictures.

5.    Select black background to create depth: 

If your dog is not comfortable with outdoor photography, you can capture classic photos using a black background. You can use any object painted black to create a black backdrop. The spotlight in a black background will focus on your dog. In this way, the pictures will have depth and look professional.

6.    Capture photos in burst mode:

Continuous shooting is excellent if you want to capture hilarious and cute photos of your dog. The burst shooting mode will allow you to click multiple shots. The constant pictures captured will give you some fantastic images to laugh at aloud.

7.    Let your dog be comfortable: 

Just for clicking captivating and funny photos, it doesn’t mean you force your dog and make him uncomfortable. Allow your dog to be himself and pose naturally. If he is using his toy or enjoying his favorite food, it is the best opportunity for you to capture his real personality.

8.    Pay attention to the background:

The pretty and casual pictures look extraordinary when shot in a perfect background. You can select the colorful flowery location and show your dog’s favorite treat. This will bring out the most natural and funny expression on its face. In this way, you will have funny and adorable pictures of your dog.

9.    Take advantage of your dog’s mood: 

Keep the idea of photography in your mind before going for the final photo shoot. Your dog’s mood will provide you with an opportunity to get the best shots. At times dogs get a stubborn and aggressive skip that day. When you see that your dog is in a good mood and enjoying the playtime, then avail yourself of this chance and click the photos.

10.  Make arrangements for the shot: 

Animal photography is challenging to most dog owners. For your dog to behave calmly, you must prepare for the shoot. Have your dog’s favorite treat in one hand visible to him. On the other hand, capture the photos focusing on your dog. More than one person can share ideas and click amazing pictures.

11.  Avoid using flashlight: 

Your dog will give you the best poses when you capture the photos in natural light. Leave the idea of using bright studio lights when shooting outdoor. Beautiful background with natural daylight is perfect for clicking beautiful images.

12.  Position the camera on your dog’s Eyes: 

Animal photos look more realistic when you have sharp eyes in the pictures. Adjust the camera so that it is positioned over the dog’s eyes. When focusing on the eyes, you will get the best portrait pictures. A good tip is to click at your dog’s eye level. The camera’s auto-focus feature will help you get some funny clicks.

13. Distracting your dog’s attention will help: 

Highly energetic dogs make photography more challenging. To take the most adventurous and funny photos, you should divert your dog’s attention to any object. Some dogs get pleased when they see their tree or toys.

14. Catch the owner and pet relationship: 

Take pictures of your dog with yourself. Your presence in your dog’s pictures makes simple special. The moments captured with your company will be the most heartwarming and memorable. In this way, you can comfortably take cute, funny dog pictures.

15. Shoot using manual focus mode: 

Dog owners experience problems when capturing photos. In that case, you should use manual focus rather than autofocus. You can try various angles to get the best picture.

16. Click creative photos of your dog’s movements: 

To make the photos of your dog unique and stylish, capture its movements. It is a creative technique that will help you to click natural shots. Like you can focus the camera on your dog when it is running or playing. These photos will give you the perfect portraits with an emphasis on movements.

Final thought: 

Pet owners want to capture every moment with their loving buddy. Dog photography is not an easy task. With practice and patience, you will get the best shot. Always make your preparations for pet photography. If you are a first-time dog owner, the tips and ideas discussed in this article will help you get your furry friend’s unique shot.

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