How to keep the dog from being bored while you’re at work?

Leaving your loving pets at home is a hard choice you have to make every day while you are away for work.

Even if you are busy at your workplace, your mind will be home, worrying about your dog, wondering what he might be doing at this time.

Leaving your dog bored at home alone can cause separation anxiety, and the dog may develop some undesired behaviors and bad habits like chewing furniture.

Also, it would be best if you don’t leave your dog to whine or bark all day, disturbing your neighbors. Stay with us and get the idea of not leaving your dog bored at home alone.

We provide you with this guide containing some product reviews that can entertain your dog for hours. So let’s get started.


If you have a dog bored at home alone or he suffers from separation anxiety, then DogTV is the best option you have got. DogTV is a valuable resource that you may already be familiar with. It’s a wonderful tool to keep your dog engaged, entertained, and perhaps even restful if you are out of the house for just a few minutes or a few hours.

Since 2012, DogTV has offered programs for dogs in the United States, and recently it expanded to New Zealand, England, and Australia.

Even though the premium cable network is now available in 14 countries, over 80% of the channel’s current subscribers reside in the United States, the world’s largest market for pets. This means it makes the perfect piece of entertainment and engagement for your dog.

PetDroid Automatic Rolling Ball

PetDroid Automatic Rolling Ball is a motion-activated moving ball toy for your canine friend.

This ball is an interactive pet toy that can be played with by pets themselves; from motion activation to automatic shutoff, it is an excellent choice for dogs. This toy is what you can give your pet before going to work, or you can enjoy your free time and see your pets chasing it around the house.

This rolling ball comes in different designs and colors, which you can quickly get from amazon. This is a magical gift for your canine, which makes sure the activity of the dog with different modes (like few bouncing to active bouncing).

This ball will entertain your dog for hours and also make him more active. In short, this ball will provide mental stimulation as well as physical activity.

Dog Treat Dispensing Toys

Dog treat dispensing toys offer the mental stimulation of a puzzle along with a tasty reward. You can add a balanced quantity of treats to the toy and let it be with your dog when you are at work to entertain your dog for hours.

It not only challenges the brain but also promotes slow eating in your dog. These toys are interactive, safe, and a great option to be your dog’s companion while you are away. Such toys make sure your buddy is happy and getting rewarded.

These dog treat-dispensing toys come in different forms and colors. Some treat-dispensing toys are translucent, and your dog can easily spot the treats in them, which motivates your dog to get the reward.

We hope this article will help you take better care of your dog. DogTV, PetDroid rolling ball and dog treat dispensing toys won’t let get your dog bored at home along and will entertain your dog for hours.

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