How To Promote And Get Followers For Your Dogs Instagram

Marketing through influencers has been a booming phenomenon on social networks over the last few years, and the impact of influencers expands far beyond an individual.

The popularity of dog influencers has turned into a well-paid industry for their owners who know how to use social media. Many famous brands make use of dog influencers to market their products, and don’t be surprised if you see a dog writing a book.

Instagram is the most useful and famous social network, where you can share pics and clips of your dog and can get famous in no time.

So naturally, as a pet owner, while seeing other famous dogs, you may wonder how you can “Promote Your Dogs Instagram” or how you can “Get Followers for Dogs Instagram. Yes, you can definitely make your dog get a huge fan following and become an influencer like many other dogs.

This post summarizes essential tips to help you and your dog achieve your goal. So let’s see how you can “Promote Your Dogs Instagram” account or how you can “Get Followers for Your Dogs Instagram.”


  • Train Your Dog

The primary aspect of getting successful on Instagram is to train your dog well. You will have to take a lot of pics or videos, and a well-trained dog will make things easier for you.


  • Select A Theme

Have you ever noticed (while browsing through any popular Instagram account) that they follow a specific pattern or theme, and the majority of their posts are in line with that theme. So it’s important to recognize your dog’s talent, select a theme, and post according to it. This will help people to stay connected to your account.

  • Pics or Clips. Quality Matters

You post a pic, a video, or both; everything is fine. However, generally, video clips attract more people than photos. Whatever you post, the important thing is, it must be of high quality. The aspect ratio of the pic should not be more than 4:5, and clip length should not exceed 30 seconds

  • Be Consistent

You will not get a million followers overnight. So be patient and consistent and continue posting according to your theme. It certainly does not mean you should post many times a day. Posting too much can have a negative impact. Posting once daily is good and posting 2-3 times a week is ok as long as you do it regularly.

  • Make Use Of #Hashtag

The use of hashtags is an excellent way to “Promote Your Dogs Instagram” account or to “Get Followers For Your Dogs Instagram .”The hashtags ensure those people also see your content that are not following you at the moment. A long range of hashtags is available, and Instagram allows you to select a maximum of thirty hashtags for one post. You must benefit from this opportunity and choose the hashtags most relevant to your theme and post. You can change the hashtags from time to time to make sure that your content reaches new people every time.

If you are offering your pet a feed of a particular brand or using accessories, clothes, and toys of a specific brand, post a photo or video with that brand name clearly in the frame and tag the brand. Brands always welcome such posts and will surely repost as their marketing tool. As a result, you will automatically get access to a new range of audiences.

  • Engage With Your Followers

It is also imperative to keep your audiences engaged at your account. Follow back those who are following you, like and comment on some of their posts too, reply to their comments and messages. This entire trick will make people spend more time on your account.

Also, remember that brands are mostly like to hire and work with accounts with a high engagement rate.

  • Participate In Contests

Participating in different online contests and giveaways is an excellent way to “Promote Your Dogs Instagram” account. It does not matter whether you win or not; Participating, using their hashtags, and reposting is a fantastic way to “Get Followers for Your Dogs Instagram.”

  • Join The Dog Yearbook

How about getting your dog published in a print yearbook/magazine, a calendar & on social media? Join a community of dog lovers who would be excited to follow your furry friend on social media. The Dog Yearbook is a great way to “Jumpstart” your dog’s influencer power!

·      The Final Thought

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the real world. So never risk your or your dog’s life to get a unique photo or video. If you have successfully become an influencer, be humble and use your position for a good cause, respect others and their views. Try to make it fun for you and your dog rather than making it a competition.

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