Healthy Affordable Dog Treats In A Monthly Box

Everyone who owns a cat or a dog understands the value of giving a treat to their feline or canine friend.

Treats aren’t just an excellent tool for training, however; they also play a crucial role in creating an emotional bond between you and your pet. A well-deserved treat is an expression of love that your pet enjoys a lot.

The treat can be something to eat, a toy, or clothes. However, many pet owners struggle to find the time out of their busy schedule to go out to the market every off and on to buy something new to surprise their canine or feline friend.

The paramount alternative solution to this issue is “dog treats monthly box” or “Dog Subscription Boxes.”

Dog treats monthly box” or “Dog Subscription Boxes” is a service provided by many companies. They drop a box at your home having some surprise items for your dog or cat.

Treat boxes have gained much popularity in recent years because they let you get essential pet products, and exciting treats are delivered to your residence, removing the need to travel to the pet shop. And finding cost-effective, affordable, and healthy options to take care of your dog is no more a burden on your already hectic schedule.

The exciting part of “dog treats monthly box” is that most companies allow you to customize your box according to your pet’s breed, age, sex, and individual requirement. In addition, you can choose to get any one item or combination of toys, food, accessories, or clothes.

It means you can convert your monthly box into a “Healthy Affordable Dog Treats Monthly Box” as per your requirements. Once subscribed, your job is done, and every month you will receive a box automatically at your home, so it’s a surprise for both of you.

In this post, we have briefly discussed a few dog subscription box services for you. So let’s have a look.


If you are a new pet owner and searching for a “dog treats monthly box” or “Healthy Affordable Dog Treats Monthly Box,” the BarkBox will be the first name that come across with you. It is the most well-known subscription box renowned for its cute and themed treats, toys, and doggie items.

Your pet and you will surely be thrilled by the monthly delivery. Generally, the box has two toys, two snacks items, and a chew designed to match the theme. However, you can select the items you want in the box at will. BarkBox also ensures that all the things are according to the type of dog you have.

You can subscribe for monthly, half-yearly, and annual packages for $35, $30, $27, respectively. If you are not happy with the contents of the box, your money will be returned.


Although everyone enjoys a surprise, sometimes you want to make sure to receive items as per your needs.

Then BoxDog is the best option for you. Boxdog gives you an opportunity to select items from a long list of items, and they frequently change the list too.

They are famous for their seasonal treats and provide monthly and quarterly plans for $35 and $50, respectively. Mainly they include two edible treats, 2 – 3 toys, clothes, and one skincare product.

This is especially good for those people whose pets have sensitive skin or live in colder areas.

In addition, you can choose to have a pet jacket, warm clothes, any particular skincare product, or other accessories. You can also change the list of selected items or cancel the box at any time.


BigLu has gained popularity due to its all-natural, organic, and gluten-free treat boxes.

You can subscribe to get an Ear Lovers Box ( for $29.90 monthly), Butcher’s Box ($39.99 monthly), Tasty Jerky Box ($39.99 monthly), and party Box ($39.99 monthly). Their famous treats include Beef Tendons, Bladder Sticks, Gullet Sticks, Backstrap sticks, Cow Tails, Trachea Flats, and Gullet Flats.

Pooch Perks Dog Boxes

Pooch Perks Dog Boxes are known for their economical packages and are an excellent option for those looking to save money.

Every month, you’ll get a well-made box of toys and snacks for a price less than you pay in a retail store. They also allow you to select the items according to your dog’s breed, size, and particular requirements.

Their surprise box may include edible items for your dog, toys, and accessories, obviously selected by you. In addition, they offer unique packages like Treats Only Plan (Starting from $20 per month), Toys only plan (starting from $26 per month), Popular Pooch (for toy breeds and starting from $34 per month), and Pampered Pooch (starting from $50 per month).

RescueBox (Best for a Good Cause)

If you choose RescueBox to get a “Dog treats monthly box,” you will actually opt for two good plans.

Firstly, you will get gorgeous toys, edible treats, and accessories for your dog every month. Secondly, you will help needy pets at different shelters because RescueBox provides 140 feeding bowls free after every delivery.

Their plans start from as low as $29. Although the box cannot be customized, and they don’t have a refund policy too, you can still feel good by helping needy pets at shelters.

Another exciting thing about RescueBox is that they also have options for cat lovers.


By subscribing to any “Dog treats monthly box” service, you can make your dog enjoy a new treat new toy every month. But, on the other hand, it saves you money and time. We hope this guide will help you choose a service that best suits your pet’s requirements.

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