Best Dog Gift and Dog Birthday Box Subscription Services

When it comes to cherishing our furballs, many pet lovers go to incredible lengths just to make sure their pups are happy and healthy.

Thereby, they keep looking for new means to spoil them. Being canine fans ourselves, we apprehend these desires. That is the reason we are here with a list of the best dog gift box subscriptions and dog birthday box subscriptions.

These subscriptions make it convenient to get necessary pet care items delivered right at your doorstep, knocking out the need for a trip to the nearest pet mart!

Many of these subscriptions surprise our pooches with lovely eco-friendly toys, grooming accessories, handmade treats, and more. After testing these subscriptions with our canines, we’re sharing our findings with you.

Benefits of using a dog gift box subscription


That’s probably the key motivator behind getting a subscription service. As canine lovers ourselves, we hated the hassle of scrolling through different sites and going all the way to the pet mart, which wasn’t near after all, to find the products that were safe and relevant for our pets and their individual needs.

Having a subscription box delivered to your doorstep every month saves a big time. It also helps you save a huge amount of effort and money you spent on fuel.

It’s just a lot easier!


Some dog subscription box services let you create your box from square one. Of course, you can choose a ready-made box, but if you wish to choose what goes inside your pet’s box, you are warmly welcome!

Seems quite handy to us, what do you think?


As subscription box services buy goods in bulk, they get better discounts than if you were to buy the contents of your subscription box yourself. Then they pass these savings to their customers as well, which is a huge plus.

It means more bucks in your pocket, without compromising the quality of treats and other goodies your pooch gets to enjoy.

Top 3 dog gift box and dog birthday box subscriptions

If you are planning to give dog subscription boxes a try, congrats! You have made a smart move. But now the question is, which one is the best?

Here are our top picks to help you with your decision.

Being the first to offer subscription box services, Barkbox has been making our canines happy with their monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions for quite a long time. They allow you to customize your boxes according to your fido’s breed, weight, and food preference.

Barkbox offers a fun and unique box theme every month. Your furball receives two different high-quality treats, a chew, two regular, and a surprise toy. The products usually don’t repeat and are made with free from wheat, corn, and soy ingredients.

Though our furballs love these treats and toys, some Barkbox subscription reviews state that the toys aren’t for aggressive chewers. Which is why they expanded and created BarkBox Super Chewers!

If your pooch is a picky eater, BigLu’s barking club subscription is just the thing for you. This subscription box offers unique and all-natural chews and treats. All the treats are of low odor and have a pretty natural scent.

BigLu offers free shipping and you can even modify your subscription period. They use allergy-free items with no gluten, soy, or grain. No doubt, it’s a great package but is only limited to treats and chews.

Box Dog is a highly customizable dog birthday box subscription that includes multiple finest products including vegan skincare, gear, treats, toys, and gadgets for your little fellow. Owners can also select other items like premium leashes, canine jackets, and more.

BoxDog is a great service if you don’t really appreciate surprises. Their 12 monthly subscription comes with an absolutely free dog box. Reviews appreciate that you can pause, alter, or terminate the subscription at any moment.

They offer monthly and seasonal subscription services. Every box comes with delicious chews, fun toys, and other accessories to make your puppy happy. Sadly, seasonal subscription box reviews disclose that not all dogs are fans of the seasonal treats, plus some toys aren’t very durable.

Final Words

Getting your hands on the best dog gift box subscription with so many distracting options isn’t the most easy-going task at all. Nonetheless, we are sure that these reviews will assist you in finding the right fit for your pooch.

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